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Indulge your furry friend with a treat that's as sweet as their wagging tail. Mama Mel's Sweet P's are crafted with care, combining the goodness of sweet potatoes, natural peanut butter, savory beef broth, and wholesome oat flour. Each bone-shaped dessert is a testament to our commitment to your pup's happiness and health.


Fresh Ingredients: We use only the finest, freshest ingredients to create a delightful dessert your dog will drool over.


Love in Every Bite: Our Sweet P's are prepared with love, just like homemade treats from your own kitchen.


Available in 12oz packages, these paw-some delights are perfect for rewarding your pup's good behavior or simply brightening their day. Treat your best friend to a dessert that's truly tail-waggingly good!


Ingredients:  Oat Flour, Sweet Potato, All Natural Peanut Butter, Beef Broth


Feed Instructions:  Feed as desired as a reward or treat. 


Serving Size: 1-2 treats.


Storage Recommendations: Store in a closed bag or air-tight container.


Notice: Not for human consumption.

Sweet P's- Irresistibly Delicious Sweet Potato Paw-fection!

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