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When your pup needs a little extra TLC, reach for Mama Mel's Dr. Feel Better App-A-Teasers. Crafted with care, these meatballs feature nourishing ground turkey, soothing pumpkin, and wholesome long grain whole rice. Designed to supplement your dog's regular diet, these meatballs are like a warm hug for your furry friend's tummy.


Gentle Nourishment: Dr. Feel Better is formulated to provide comfort and support for sensitive stomachs.


Tummy-Friendly Goodness: Each meatball is a testament to our commitment to your dog's well-being.


Available in packs of 4, 16, and 32, Mama Mel's Dr. Feel Better App-A-Teasers offer a comforting and delicious solution for dogs with delicate digestive systems. Show your pup you care with a tasty prescription for tail wagging!


Ingredients:  Ground Turkey, Long Grain White Rice, Pumpkin


Feed Instructions:  Add 1-2 Meatballs to your dog's vetrinary approved dog food for a healthy gourmet topper. 


Storage Recommendations: Keep regfirgerated or frozen in bag or air-tight container. 


Notice: Not for human consumption.

Dr. Feel Better - A Prescription for Tail Wagging!

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